Thursday, 19 August 2010

Personal on Demand Broadcasting or Podcasting + YouTube

Podcasting!!!! I love it!!! Never knew it was short for Personal On Demand broadCasting, though.

I think I listen to podcasts more than I listen to the radio or watch telly. I podcast mostly radio programmes, top one being the Archers and second fave is from the Flylady on Blogtalk radio, both of which I download via iTunes.

I was in Somerset last week and picked up some Tourist Info on Bristol and was interested to see that you can download audio guides from the web before you go out and about around Bristol. Brilliant idea! It'd be like having your own personal tour guide.

I think having a UL podcast would also be a good idea. I know there are students who come to the Library and leave without ever figuring out how to find the book they want. I think I saw a post on the UL FB page which said that they had come and gone without finding the books they'd wanted. Maybe a podcast could even be made for new staff? Perhaps, once done, it could save Colin C the multiple staff induction talks that he has to do? Probably would be best if an update is scheduled to be made on a regular basis. We wouldn't want one podcast made to last for the next 30 years, now would we?

As for YouTube, there are a lot of library films on there - some for fun, some serious but still entertaining. The Sydney Jones Library have done a series of different short clips which  show you how to use the photocopies and how to use the check-out to self-issue books. I guess some short films made about some of the systems used in the UL would be useful, presumably this would be allowed once permission had been granted by the Librarian. However, as you can create video podcasts, I presume that it could be posted onto YouTube as is and that would kill two birds with one stone.

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