Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A fountain of knowledge about all Things web 2.0?!

When I checked my emails this morning, I discovered the following email. My email client (Thunderbird) thinks it is a scam, and I was wondering if any other Cam 23 bloggers had got similar invitations. I know, I'd like to think "I'm all that!", but I know that others doing Cam 23 have a lot more knowledge about these things than I do.

Hello evans_above
I am the editor of, the world’s leading ‘how to’ website. We’re about to get bigger and better and i'm looking for some keen & skilled writers to be a part of it.
We've just launched a powerful new self-publishing website that helps people with unique know-how & expertise (i.e. you) connect with our knowledge-hungry audience. The website is called Videojug Pages -
I am searching for a select group of writers & bloggers to become Founder Members on Videojug Pages. I came across your blog - '1-23 one step at a time' - and was really impressed.
I'd like to invite you to join our growing community of writers (it's 100% Free).
You can share you unique knowledge by creating pages about your interests on Videojug Pages and can earn money through our equal advertising-share scheme: we share all revenues 50:50 with our writers.
There are some great benefits to being a Founder Member:
  • Build an online audience & become an authority on your chosen subject
  • Inform & guide our knowledge-hungry audience
  • Promote yourself, your business & your website/blog
  • Become an on-site 'Guardian' with additional on-site privileges and access
  • Earn money through our unique 50:50 advertising share scheme
  • Get a Founder's Badge to prove it!
To find out more about this exciting project and to get involved just click here
You can also reply to this email (it’s come from a real person!) if you have any questions etc...
Looking forward to seeing you on the site.
Best wishes,
Harriet Hungerford

I guess it means someone is reading my blog, if nothing else!

On a completely unrelated matter, I have now found the YouTube video I wanted to add to my blog about podcasts and YouTube. I spent ages looking for it at the time and couldn't find it, not knowing what it was called, but that I would know it when I saw it. I think I originally came across it on my FB wall, but can't remember who posted it.

I love it! I would love a chance to prance around to music in the stacks!


  1. Don't think its a scam since it has an entry on other search/answer engines cf
    and had a beta launch in 2006.
    Did not get an invite.

  2. Hi Suzan - I did put the website address into my browser and it does look like a genuine website, but a colleague said that some email scams put in links to real websites, which actually direct you elsewhere to a fake site if you use their links.

    Maybe I'm just being over-cautious?

  3. Hi

    I'm Myles, one of the editors at Videojug. I just saw your blog post about the email we sent you. I just thought that i would comment to say that we're a genuine company and this is a genuine offer. Unfortunately the internet is awash with scams which makes people (rightly) sceptical but it also means that proper companies like us have to work doubly hard to convince people that we're above board. You can email me at myles.anderson at is you have any questions.



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