Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Google docs

I'm back from holiday and trying to catch up and finish Cam23 by the end of the month, so today I've had a little look at Google docs. I played around with drawing option, which was fun. Maybe abstract art will be my thing! Anyway, it was all very nice and I think would be very useful, especially for people working on collaborative documents or working at a distance from each other. However, it was interesting to read in Marshables blog that work written in Google Docs doesn't easily import into Microsoft Word and keep it's format. So that is kind of a drawback.

Ooh, and by the way, something happened today which proves Cam23 has been worth doing. Ed Chamberlain (I think) put a link in one of his emails to a blog, and said that that is where all future updates of some computer stuff for the Library is going to be posted, and suggested we add the rss feed for updates. And, I thought to myself, yes I actually know how to do that, and I wouldn't have known it before Cam23. Yay!

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